Richard Coco's bass string.

I’m always trial and error with the strings on the bass.

I’ve been using elixir for about 3 years, but I tried Bacchus strings a while ago.

The article at that time is here. Bacchus bass string review: https: // 

This wasn’t bad, but it was a little difficult to play, so I took a questionnaire with the help of Twitter followers.

Until then, I used elixir strings habitually, but I wanted to try other strings.

The elixir is the best, but the price is high and there is less metallic sounds.

For that reason, I took a questionnaire.

I was ignorant about strings, I took a questionnaire on Twitter and received various opinions from everyone.

As a result of the questionnaire

  • dadario
  • Elixir
  • Ernie Ball

It was the result.

There were many people who used Dadario, but I got a lot of opinions during the questionnaire and learned a lot.

In the opinion I received, I was taught a string that I had never heard of Richard Coco.

I was curious about this name.

Richard Coco’s bass string is handmade!

Richard Coco is an Italian handmade string.

Handmade strings are amazing …

I was surprised at how to make it that I had never heard before.

I thought that strings were mass-produced with machines.

So I was intrigued and ordered from Amazon at a speed of 2 seconds.

According to Amazon’s product introduction

R.Cocco Senior strings use only traditional string machines and high-quality materials, and now stick to the method of manual winding by craftsmen.

Each string is carefully produced by human hands with the utmost care, and there is still something special that brings out the goodness of the instrument. Richard Cocco Senior strings are reliable and secure with a long history and abundant experience, tremendous amount of trial and error, great ideas from collaboration with great musicians, and craftsmen with solid production techniques A string with a very high quality, where all these elements are combined, and the difference between taste and taste is felt.

Because it’s handmade, it’s not a good thing, but I still felt like buying it if it was in the 3,000 yen range. And when it arrived, I tried to stretch it

I tried to put Richard Coco’s bass string

If you stretch the strings that arrive, you can see that the making is polite.

It’s superfluous because I had a string of Bacchus up to now.

No, Bacchus strings are not bad. Cospa is the best. But there are places where making is rough.

In that respect Richard Coco is different.

What is the goodness of Richard Coco’s bass string?

There is little sensation of touch.

The sound balance is also very good.

There is no variation in volume due to the strings.

When I was wearing an elixir, I was worried about variations in volume due to strings.

Richard Coco does not have it.

That alone is the best.

There is a tension in the sound.

After all it was nice to hear the sound.

May be the best ever!

The feeling of playing is defeated by the elixir, but if you blow finger eases it will be much better.

When I tried to make a sound at the live house, the high-pitched string was a bit tingling.

No, this may simply be a setting issue.

So you raised the string height? Richard Coco’s bass string.

That’s why I was an elixir, but thanks to the wisdom of Twitter followers, I was able to do a good shopping.