How to Create a Precision Bass Sound.


What is your impression of Precision Bass (PB for short)?

The PB has one pickup and a thick neck.

Compared to Jazz bass, some people may shy away from them.

But when I bought one, I was again fascinated by it.

What makes it so attractive?

  • Nearly symmetrical looks
  • Thick, pushy, bright sound.
  • big feeling.
  • Surprisingly light
  • It’s surprisingly easy to make a sound.

You’ve fallen for this kind of attraction.

We’re going to rediscover the appeal of the Precision Bass.

Precision basses can be used in bands!

I’ve had a Fender Japan PB in the past, but this time I got a Fender USA one.

I just tried it out with the band and…

This one goes surprisingly well!

Surprisingly, I can get out of the band.

In my current band, the guitar covers a wide range of sounds.

So I thought that in order to get the bass sound out of the band, I needed a hard sound from the rear pickup.

That was my assumption.

When I tried to play the precision bass in the band, I found that the sound of the bass sound was much better.

  • clear sound
  • Solid bass.
  • It’s a big sound, and it’s as big as a guitar.

You can create a sense of atmosphere.
And it was an unexpected success.

Precision basses are easy to make sounds with!

QUESTION: Isn’t it hard to make a sound because the pre-vehicle has one pickup?

This was also a concern for me, as I’ve been a long-time user of Jazz bass.

But when I tried it out in the studio, I was surprised at how easy it was to create the sound.

After all, it has only one front pickup.

There is no unnecessary hesitation, and it’s easy to create the sound.

It’s easy to control the sound of the Precision Bass by the way you play it and the settings.

I found that because it is so simple, it is easy to adjust how you play it, the height of the pickups, and the settings.

If you play closer to the bridge, you’ll get a harder and tighter sound.

You can also use the bridge mute to express the graininess of the sound.

On the other hand, if you play closer to the neck, you’ll get a brighter, fatter sound.

There is no hesitation, or
You can change the sound with the way you play!I can be prepared to do that.

This is why the Precision Bass was surprisingly easy to make sounds with.

Musicians using the Precision Bass

The following are people who also have a wide range of expressions in the PB for reference.
Fusion, fuunk, disco and punk artists

[James James Jameson]

He was a member of the famous Motown label in the 1970s.

His grooves are amazing.

Especially his use of empty picking and ghost notes is amazing.

Can he do this with a precision bass?

[George Porter, Jr.】

[Pinot Palladino]

[Steve Harris]

The bassist of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden.

The sound is tight and strange, with fingerpicking close to the bridge and also picking hard.

Is it safe to play like this?I think.

[Sid Vicious]

This guy is the reason why preve is being used in punk bands!

[Green Day’s base guy]

A lesser ensemble, such as a three-piece band, might need the enveloping sound of a precision bass.

[an 80s punk band, such as the bass player in Blue Hearts]

This one also works in a simple ensemble.


He is a surprise.

I’m a fan of the early models.

This guy has proven that he can express a wide range of musicality.

Hama Okamoto.

He is the bassist of the band OKAMOTO’S.

He’s the son of Hama-chan of Downtown.

Good sounding bass player.

In the end, it’s up to the performer.

What did you think?

The precision bass is surprisingly easy to use.

It’s simple and easy to use.

It’s good to have one of these for both main